- Ravencoin network issues are resolved. RVN withdrawal is enabled now. (8th July)Learn more
- Gamecredits will be moved to ERC20 token on 1st July. Learn more
  Move your GAME fund to swap supported exchanges (Dove Wallet, Bittrex, etc) or swap manually before 29th June.
  We will swap, auto exchange to BTC and credit to each account if you didn't withdraw until then. GAME auto exchange feature is stopped now
- Distributed 15 times of XMR amount to every miners who mined XMR orphan blocks on 20th May. (27th June)

Contributor Hashrates

Rank User Name KH/s XVG/Day

General Statistics

Pool Hash Rate 0.000 TH/s
Current Difficulty 13556.540304406
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Network) 3 minutes 53 seconds
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Pool) zero seconds
Est. Shares this Round 54226 (done: 0%)
Next Network Block 4204940    (Current: 4204939)
Last Block Found 3701201
Time Since Last Block 4528 hours 51 minutes 46 seconds
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Last Found Blocks

Block Finder Time Actual Shares
3701201 anonymous 08/01 00:28:52 (UTC) 4,334,361
3699946 anonymous 08/01 00:28:52 (UTC) 585,386
3699789 anonymous 08/01 00:28:52 (UTC) 56,746
3699773 anonymous 08/01 00:28:52 (UTC) 470,481
3699645 anonymous 08/01 00:28:52 (UTC) 482,172
  • Note: Round Earnings are not credited until 140 confirms.